"Accessibility is about making sure your service can be used by as many people as possible"

Our sites include the following accessibility features:

  • Full compliance with prevalent online accessibility standards
  • Text resizing controls
  • Language translation into a choice of over 100 languages
  • Keyboard shortcuts to facilitate navigation around the site. Underlined single letters in navigation links show the keyboard shortcut letter
  • Comprehensive site search
  • Compatibility with screen readers
  • Browsealoud option

Language Translation

Allows your patients to easily translate the language of your site into a choice of over 100 languages.

translate langauges

Keyboard Shortcuts

Kayboard shortcuts facilitate navigation around the site.

keyboard shortcuts

Text Resizing Buttons

Text resizing buttons allow users to adjust the size of text on the page to make it easier to read.

text resizer


Our Practice Websites are fully compatible with the Browsealoud feature produced by Texthelp Ltd.

Browsealoud is assistive software that makes websites accessible. It helps people with low literacy and reading skills, dyslexia, English as a second language and people with a mild visual impairment.

It gives all your website visitors a better experience – and reduces barriers between your content and all your audiences.

The website has a built in Browsealoud feature. Once this has been activated, it will start showing on every page of your website. You can see this in action on

Please Note: This service is provided by a third party and you will need a subscription for this service to work. To learn more about Browsealoud visit the following website:

Browsealoud added to a site